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Hello! Planning or thinking of a VACATION in Aruba or Cuba?

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The Caribbean island of Aruba

(committed injustices within their justice system, human moral rights, and on Natalee Halloway)

Natalee Ann Holloway (born October 21, 1986) was an American student from Mountain Brook, Alabama who disappeared on May 30, 2005 during a high school graduation trip in Aruba. Holloway's disappearance was first discovered by her classmates, who were in Aruba celebrating their graduation from Mountain Brook High School, when she did not arrive at the airport for her return flight. Holloway was last known to have been seen outside of a local restaurant, Carlos'n Charlie's, with Joran van der Sloot and brothers Deepak and Satish Kalpoe. The three men were suspicious enough to be arrested 7 times but remain free men under "Aruba LAW". Throughout the search, Aruban investigators were criticized by Holloway's family for a perceived lack of progress. Holloway's family even called for a boycott of Aruba, which gained the support of Alabama Governor Bob Riley, but which failed to gain national backing.

Updated January 2010,

The suspects in Natalee's disappearance investigation, Joran van der Sloot and brothers Deepak and Satish Kalpoe were in fact the culprit to Natalee's diappearance. Natalee's mother and father eventually left the Aruban island and the search and media halted its activities. Joran van der Sloot fled to the Netherlands where he confessed to a friend on hidden video that he in fact accidentally killed Natalee Holloway after she went through non stop convulsions and stopped breathing. Joran van der Sloot immediatly called friends Deepak and Satish Kalpoe to help him dispose of the body and cover up the inncident. Joran van der Sloot fled to the country of Peru after finding out he was secretly recorded confessing to the murder of Natalee Holoway. In Peru, Joran van der Sloot murders another innocent girl, Stephany Flores from Peru, in his hotel room but this time he is caught by police authorities and the help of the hotel's surveillance camera videos. One of the Kalpoe brothers was found dead hung by the neck on a porch. In Aruba, the disapearance and cover up was possibly aided by the suspect's father, a member of the Arubian government judiciary district. Joran van der Sloot led the U.S. and victims of this atrocity in a long long merry go round of injustices.

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  • The Caribbean island of Cuba

    On October 10, in the province of Villa Clara, fascist mobs, organized, paid and directed by the Castro regime, attacked Orestes Suárez and his wife Nancy Gonzalez Garcia when they were on their way to a meeting of Cuba's Independent Librarians. The meeting was organized by Cuban dissident Marta Beatriz Roque, who has also been jailed and beaten on several occasions by Castro's fascist mobs. The couple was brutally beaten by martial arts experts who belong to Castro's police force and wear civilian clothes when they commit these crimes against unarmed and peaceful dissidents. These photos were taken one week after the beatings! The only crime committed by the Independent Libraries is to provide books to the Cuban people without the authorization of the fascist regime. In any civilized country, the Independent Librarians would be honored and recognized for their work. In Castro's Gulag, the Independent Librarians have to risk their lives in order to do their labor of love. In 2003 several of these unknown heroes were sentenced to long jail terms, together with journalists and dissidents in what is known as "the crime against the 75" or "Black Spring 2003". Thanks to Stefania and to Bitacora Cubana for the information and the photos. Click here to visit BitacoraCubana website (Spanish)

    The list of atrocities fidel castros communist goverment inflicts upon Cuban citizens goes on and on.
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  • Cuban prisoner of conscience and journalist Juan Carlos Herrera Acosta sewed his mouth shut and was believed to continue his action Saturday, December 30, dissidents said, despite pleas from fellow persecuted Christians not to do so.
    Herrera Acosta, 40, sewed his mouth Tuesday, December 26, at the maximum security Prison of Kilo 8, in Camaguey, Cuba's largest province, said Juan Carlos Gonzalez Leiva, a blind Christian lawyer and president of the Cuban Foundation for Human Rights (FCDH). He, "sewed his mouth shut to protest the hostile treatment he is suffering at the hands of State Security and Military officers at this penitentiary," said Gonzalez Leiva in a statement obtained by BosNewsLife. "The guards deprive this prisoner of conscience his right to telephone calls and his end of the year family visit is suspended. Herrera Acosta is under continuous psychological persecution, since he is tormented by dangerous common prisoners," he said in remarks released by an underground news agency
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  • Organizations with Power don't want to do anything, less say anything.

    United Nations, U.S.A., and Great Britain has sent zero (0) help or solution to end fidel castro and his oppressive tyranical goverment.